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William "Bill" Schlanger 

Energy & Mechanical Systems

Bill Schlanger is an electrical design engineer with decades of experience in control systems, energy conversion and storage. He is a high output product developer, producing more than 50 new products per year. These efforts have yielded 22 patents for lithium battery management and control, battery charging, power systems, motor speed control, radiation detection and air conditioning.


His extensive skill set includes analog and digital circuit design, integrated circuit design, solar power systems, wind power systems, electric vehicle power systems, battery systems, micro grids, environmental control systems, pump motor controls, software, manufacturing process development, and statistical process control.


Currently, he is President and founder of EV Enterprises, an engineering company that designs and builds electronic products for energy storage, power control, and energy production monitoring.

Among Bills roles in Moducan Corporation is providing solutions and designs for innovative energy and mechanical systems, as well as off-grid technologies, enhancing the versatile capabilities of the Phoenix Modular Tactical System.


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