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Thomas J. Lawson

General (Ret.)

General (Ret.) Thomas J. Lawson grew up in Etobicoke, Ontario, and attended the Royal Military College of Canada to attain a degree in Electrical Engineering, later teaching engineering at MC.

Following pilot training he was posted to various bases in Canada and Europe where he flew CF-104 Starfighter, CF-18 Hornet, Challenger and Airbus aircraft.

Lawson has commanded at many levels during his career, as CO of 412 Squadron, as Wing Commander of 8 Wing in Trenton, and as Commandant of RMC.

As a General officer, Lawson was appointed Deputy Commander of the RCAF, Deputy Commander of NORAD, and ultimately Canada's 18th Chief of the Defence Staff.

As CDS, Lawson oversaw the completion of the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, the deployment of Canadian troops to Eastern Europe as part of NATO's response following Russian aggression in Crimea, and Canada's contribution to the coalition effort against the Islamic State.

Lawson now provides strategic advice to several Canadian and American aerospace firms and enjoys coming up with new projects for the family cottage in Muskoka.

Lawson joined Moducan Corporation’s Advisory Board in April 2023.

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