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Robert Mott

Product Development and Manufacturing

Robert Mott is a seasoned Senior Technology Leader with over four decades of experience in engineering, R&D, and multinational product development, including more than 20 years in VP roles within various organizations, primarily in the Silicon Valley. He specializes in navigating complex hardware engineering landscapes, managing manufacturing operations, and strategic outsourcing.


Robert has a proven track record of guiding companies through successful product development cycles, consistently delivering innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions within stringent time and budget constraints. His leadership has played a pivotal role in predicting market needs, fostering strong supplier partnerships, and ensuring smooth transitions from early-stage funding to post-acquisition growth.


His expertise spans across a range of products, including consumer electronics and industrial applications, covering areas such as radio frequency (RF) technology, renewable energy, and remote sensing. Robert earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and holds a portfolio of seven patents, highlighting his contributions to mechanical and industrial design. He has received industry recognition multiple times for his work, reflecting his ability to create impactful products that resonate within the professional landscape.

Robert joined Moducan Corporation’s Advisory Board in October 2023.

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