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Guy Assif

Chief Executive Officer

Guy is the founder and CEO of Moducan Corporation.


A graduate of the school of Architecture at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) in Canada.


From 1999 on Guy has accumulated expertise in the design and construction of high-end custom homes.


Since 2017, from initially founding Quadrow Specialty Environments Inc. in California, Guy has been focusing on designing, researching, developing and testing unique, modular components and systems for construction, with the aim of creating innovative building solutions which implement the new technologies.


To turn his unique building technology from vision into reality, and just as important – to make it globally accessible, Guy has collaborated with a carefully selected team of professional and experienced individuals who share in the vision, together forming the Moducan Leadership Team.


Guy’s primary role in Moducan Corporation is to guide product design & development, oversee the various company operations, direct and coordinate its sales & marketing, strategy, financing, and human resources.

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