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Cheryl Nelson is Moducan's Director for Natural Disaster Response responsible for coordinating and supporting the company's collaborations with US government and international agencies (such as FEMA), which are tasked with assisting communities prior to, during, and following natural disasters.


Cheryl has two decades of on-camera experience, in both the studio and in the field. She is an accomplished Broadcast Meteorologist certified by the American Meteorological Society, as well as a Natural Disaster Preparedness/Climate Correspondent.


Additionally, Cheryl is a TV host for the national weekly show, Main St. Living airing on Cox Cable’s YurView Network. She has appeared on a variety of mainstream media shows, BBC World News, Fox and Friends, The Real, The Weather Channel, The AccuWeather Network, Al Jazeera and CNBC. She also hosted the TV special “Get Ready America: The National Hurricane Survival Test,” which aired in fifty television markets in the United States.


Cheryl’s successful satellite media tours on severe weather/hurricane preparedness and the lifesaving importance of disaster preparedness kits are seen by millions of people nationwide. A recipient of media grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) and The Water Desk at the University of Colorado Boulder, Cheryl produced and hosted nationally televised documentary series on a variety of topics relating to natural disasters and the effects of climate change.


Cheryl is also a keynote speaker at worldwide events and conferences, and has been involved in projects with The National Science Foundation, Storm Center Communications and the United States Department of Defence. In addition, Cheryl is an instructor and meteorologist for FEMA’s National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, and served on the American Meteorological Society Broadcast Board as 2020 board chair. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology w/ speciality in Communications from Penn State University.

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Cheryl Nelson

Chief Communications Officer

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