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Modular Tactical Buildings & Defence Systems 

Our Mission

Moducan is an American startup in the defence sector, focused on designing and supplying components for modular tactical buildings and defence systems that are both quickly and easily transportable to remote locations, and highly customizable and adaptable to meet a wide range of needs.


From temporary shelters, medical facilities and command centers, just to name a few, our buildings will be designed with the latest technology to provide speed, adaptability, durability and comfort for the troops and at an overall associated costs that will be substantially less than solutions that are currently being deployed.


We believe that our innovative approach, solid professional team, values and commitment to excellence will set us apart in the market and drive strong returns for our investors.

The Phoenix® Modular Tactical System (PMTS) is designed and engineered to considerably improve and modernize many aspects and capabilities of conventional temporary building solutions currently being used, by enabling a wide variety of quickly deployable solutions.

Once built, the system is designed to form an indestructible protected safe zone which will withstand natural disasters (such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wild fires and floods) , as well as shield the people and property inside from blasts and other conflict-related dangers.

As the requirements and need for the systems change or cease, just as quickly as they came up, the components are designed so that they can be disassembled and removed from the site without leaving a permanent footprint.

Note: our product is in currently in the advanced stages of R&D and not yet available for purchase.


What they're saying about us:

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" I strongly support the research and development conducted by Mr. Guy Assif and the Moducan team on this carefully engineered and tested modular system that can  help  cities,  counties,  states,  and  other  countries  to  quickly respond to a catastrophic natural or man-made disaster, saving lives and providing support and protection to affected communities, to our first responders, and to our men and women in uniform."

Jeff Stone
Senator, State of Nevada

"They would be great assets to any group wanting to provide logistic support during times of need like catastrophic events, natural disasters or even military obligations or involvements and FEMA operations for both the first responders and those left without shelter."
"This can provide much-needed solutions for Emergency Management professionals, FEMA first responders, disaster-stricken families and businesses that need a safe and comfortable place to live or work while they rebuild their homes and communities, just to name a few examples."

Joe J. Wallace

CEO and Chief Innovation Officer,

Coachella Valley Economic Partnership

Nancy L. Ross
Council Member, Cathedral City

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